अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हिंदी समिति यू.एस.ए. भारत शाखा

International Hindi Association USA India Chapter

MEMBERSHIP FORM (सदस्यता आवेदन-पत्र )

कृप्या कोई एक विकल्प चुने Please check one of the following :

नियमित रूप से आजीवन सदस्य / Regular Life Member:
$250 USD
Rs 16000 INR in Indian subcontinent
नियमित वार्षिक सदस्य / Regular Annual Member:
$35 USD
Rs 2300 INR in Indian subcontinent
संबद्ध आजीवन / Associate Life Member:
$150 USD
Rs 9500 INR in Indian subcontinent
संबद्ध वार्षिक / Associate Annual Member:
$25 USD
Rs 1600 INR in Indian subcontinent
वार्षिक संस्थागत / Annual Institutional:
$50 USD
Rs 3300 INR in Indian subcontinent

Please make check or bank draft payable to ‘International Hindi Association’ in USD and mail to:
Kiran Khaitan,
203 Cheltenham Lane,
Munroe Falls, OH 44262, USA;
Phone: (330) 622-1377;
Email: treasurer@hindi.org

In India, please make check or bank draft payable to ‘International Hindi Association, India chapter’ and mail to:
Mr. Shiv Kumar Meharia,
S.K. Agencies,
E5 City Center, Bokaro Steel City,
Jharkhand 827004;
Phone: +91 94311 27573;
Email: treasurerindia@hindi.org

Bank Name:
Check / Draft No:

The membership provides the following benefits:
  1. A subscription of widely acclaimed quarterly literary magazine Vishwa published from the U.S. in Jan, April, July and Oct.
  2. Discounts on IHA products and services such as Hindi CDs, Kavi Sammelan, seminars, conferences, and youth-clubs
  3. Rewarding volunteer opportunities in many valuable programs in the USA and India
  4. Access to Member’s-only information, and prior notification of events
  5. Regular Membership provides right to vote on matters of the Association after a waiting period of sixty days.
  6. Associate Membership provides all the benefit except the voting right. For details, go to the www.hindi.org.
The Board of Directors maintain the right to deny, suspend or cancel membership of any individuals who fail to abide by the Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws or whose activities are deemed detrimental to the proper functioning of the Association. The Board is not obligated to refund any unused portion of the membership dues for cancelled membership.
‘Vishwa’ welcomes original writings in Hindi from all quarters. Writings dealing with immigrant experiences are especially welcome. For further information, or to submit your writings for consideration, please contact: The Editor, Mr. Ramesh Joshi, 10046 Parkland Drive, Twinsburg, OH 44087, USA. Phone USA +1 (330) 688-4927, India +91 94601 55700; Email: editor@hindi.org
Visit www.hindi.org to contact us or for additional information.